Brick Products

Brick is the product that Clay Structures was founded upon. Even though we have expanded our product mix, we have never lost sight of our beginning. Clay Structures represents over 20 quality manufacturers from all over the U.S. There is not a brick size, color, or texture in the industry that is not available through Clay Structures. We also offer thin veneer and reclaimed brick. Going for an antique look? Brick is even better the second or third time around. Ask about our reclaimed brick.


Why Choose Brick?

Low Maintenance and Durable

A brick structure will never need to be repainted. It won't be in danger of rotting, and termites and other pests will not damage brick. This durability not only makes brick a convenient and worry-free choice, but also saves owners money over time.

Timeless Style

Brick offers an elegant, timeless look that improves as it ages. Brick comes in a variety of colors, textures and finishes that won't fade with time.


Brick is more energy-efficient than other building materials. It will help keep structures cool in the summer and warm in the winter, keeping energy costs down. Energy bills of brick structures can be eight percent less than those of vinyl structures.

Check out these beautiful brick homes

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